What is a house concert?

We invite friends over to listen to a musician(s) on our patio. It’s not a party with music, but rather music with a party.  We encourage friends to come early and socialize, have something to eat and drink, meet the musician(s), walk in the garden, unwind. At the appointed hour we settle in and give full attention to the music. 

What kind of music?

It could be folk, blues, bluegrass, jazz, or classical. We’ll see. It’s an adventure.  It will be acoustic or lightly miked.

What does it cost?

Every show has a suggested donation – all of which goes to the performer(s).  We do request that you register for the event because there is limited seating and limited parking. Please cancel your registration if you later learn that you can not attend so someone else can have your seat.

Will there be food and drink?

We will likely have a few snacks and beverages on hand. You are encouraged to BYOB and maybe bring a snack to share.

Should I bring a chair?

We’ve got seats enough. Thanks for asking.

What about rain?

The ‘stage’ is covered and we raise a canopy over the patio if needed. It is enough protection for a light rain. If the weather is really bad we will send out a cancelation email.

Will you spam me?

You will get email from us confirming registration details. We may send emails about upcoming concerts. We won’t sell or give away your contact information.